News | 2 July 2015

The 2015-16 Skilled Occupations List (SOL) has been released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  The SOL identifies occupations that would benefit from independent skilled migration for the purpose of meeting the medium to long term skill needs of the Australian economy, where such needs may not be more appropriately met by sponsored migration programs or up-skilling Australians.

News | 1 July 2015

The Australian Government is investing up to $200 million annually in the Apprenticeship Network which will operate from more than 420 locations nationwide from 1 July 2015. Read the announcement by Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham or visit the Australian Apprenticeships website for more information.

News | 24 June 2015

Professor (Emeritus) Sally Walker AM conducted the review.  Professor Walker is a distinguished lawyer and a highly experienced and respected university administrator, having served as Vice-Chancellor and President of Deakin University from 2003 – 2010 and before that Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.

The review found that the ANU is a highly successful university, consistently ranking among the top universities in Australia and the world, and that there is much about the governance of the ANU that is exemplary.

The review report makes 29 recommendations aimed at further strengthening the university’s governance arrangements and ensuring that its legislative arrangements will allow the Council to govern effectively into the future.

The Government is considering Professor Walker’s recommendations as it works towards ensuring that the ANU is a standard bearer for governance in the Australian higher education...

News | 22 June 2015

The roundtables are being led by the new Coordinating Council for International Education - consisting of senior Government Ministers with an interest in international education and education and industry experts.

The roundtables are an important step in ensuring the strategy represents a shared national vision and places international education at the heart of Australia’s economic and social prosperity.

The next roundtable will be held on 13 August, with the aim of finalising the national strategy by the end of the year.

For more information, see the Minister for Education and Training’s media releases at:

News | 3 June 2015

The Government has recently released a Draft National Strategy for International Education for consultation. The Draft Strategy is available on the International Education website. The Coordinating Council will consider all feedback on the Draft National Strategy.

As a further step towards finalising the strategy, the Council will convene two roundtables, to be held at Parliament House, Canberra, on 18 June and 13 August 2015. The roundtables will be a platform for consulting with the international education community and will bring together the education and training sector, businesses, students, the wider community and all levels of government.

The Council will also deliver an implementation plan to support the strategy and help make Australian international education the best in the world.

News | 29 May 2015

During term 2 of this year, teachers from across the country will record information based on their knowledge and observations of each child in their first year of full-time school in their class. This third set of data will complement the existing data and that information will help schools, communities and governments to better tailor services and resources to help young children and their families get the support they need. visit the Australian Early Development Census page for related infromation.

News | 26 May 2015

Australia’s research sector is highly productive and recognised globally for the quality of its research. Our researchers have improved our global share of the top 1 per cent of highly cited publications by 75% between 2005 and 2013. When it comes to collaboration between business and researchers, however, Australia’s performance falls away.

Despite Australia’s strong history in producing excellent research, Australia ranks last in the OECD on the proportion of businesses which collaborate with research institutions on innovation and second last of 17 OECD countries on new-to-the-world innovation, showing that more needs to be done to keep the nation at the forefront of increasingly competitive global research.

News | 19 May 2015

The Australian Government has released a Draft National Strategy for International Education and is consulting widely on how to ensure we harness the knowledge boom and meet international demand for training and education.

The Forum involves employers, education and training providers and students in considering ways to build more opportunities for Australia to increase its profile as a world leader in international education, and to be at the forefront of global skills training.

The Minister will host two further forums in Adelaide and Sydney in the second half of 2015.

For further details:

News | 18 May 2015

Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, has launched the first set of online teaching and learning resources created under the initiative.

The materials showcase the diversity and economic importance of food and fibre production in Australia, and are aligned to Australian Curriculum learning areas including science and geography.

Topics covered by the materials include: designing and making a financial plan for a market garden, free range chicken farming, food security, and sustainable production practices in food and fibre.

More than 75 high quality digital learning resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum are now freely available to schools online.

News | 14 May 2015

On 14 May 2015, The Hon Christopher Pyne MP Minister for Education and Training approved the guidelines for the allocation of NCRIS funds for a 12 month period between 2015-2016.

News | 12 May 2015

To find out what this means for education and training, visit the Budget 2015-16 section of the website.

News | 8 May 2015

Ministers from across the country came together at the William Angliss Institute in Melbourne to continue the dialogue on the skills reform agenda agreed in April 2014. More information can be found here:

News | 8 May 2015

The establishment of the Committee delivers on the commitment made by Commonwealth and state and territory skills ministers last year to streamline governance arrangements and put industry at the centre of the vocational education and training (VET) system. The new Committee will provide advice to governments on VET policy and give industry a stronger voice in the vocational education and training system, to help ensure it is efficient and effective in delivering the job-ready workers that industry needs. It will take on some of the work of the dissolved National Skills Standards Council.

News | 4 May 2015

Universal access to early childhood education ensures that a quality, early childhood education programme is available for all children in the year before full-time schooling (often referred to as preschool or kindergarten). The programme is to be delivered by a degree qualified early childhood teacher for 600 hours a year, with a focus on participation by vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Research shows that participating in a quality early childhood education programme can significantly increase positive educational and life outcomes for children, especially those from more disadvantaged backgrounds. The universal access initiative aims to improve participation in quality early childhood education for all Australian children.

Further information is available about Universal Access and a copy of the announcement...

News | 27 April 2015

The Apprenticeship Network will make it easier for employers to recruit, train and retain apprentices and trainees with the ultimate aim of improving Australian Apprenticeships completion rates.

The Apprenticeship Network introduces innovative new targeted services which will deliver tailored advice and support to Australian Apprentices and employers who need additional assistance prior to sign-up and in-training.

Employers will receive more efficient help in navigating the apprenticeships system while individuals will be better assisted to complete their training.

Improving completion rates means more Australians will get to realise the full benefits of an apprenticeship, and the rewarding careers that come as a result.

News | 21 April 2015

The eight winners of the 2015 Simpson Prize, one from each state and territory, are travelling to Gallipoli for the ANZAC Centenary commemorations on 25 April 2015.

Winners and runners-up visited national institutions in Canberra in March 2015. They attended a presentation ceremony at Parliament House on 16 March 2015, where they were presented with medallions and certificates by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC, Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldson (on behalf of the Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP).

The 2015 Simpson Prize Awards video features comments from some of the students.

For winner and runner-up essays and more information on the 2016 Simpson Prize topic, visit

News | 21 April 2015

On 21 April 2015, the Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, announced the new model for Training Product Development for Australian Industry.

This new model demonstrates the Government’s commitment to training that is high quality and that delivers real skills for jobs. It is also further evidence of the Government’s commitment to industry leadership and smaller government.

To support Australia’s economic prosperity, the national training system needs to be more responsive to industry need and flexible for employers of all sizes and across all sectors.

News | 20 April 2015

The submissions received as part of the Government’s consultation process have been made public.

Links to the public submissions are available on the Department’s submission page.

News | 20 April 2015

The results of the survey present a positive snapshot of the experiences of international students who have chosen to study in Australia.

Presently Australia is the fifth most popular international study destination behind the USA, UK, Germany and France. The top reasons for choosing Australia, identified as important or very important by over 90% of higher education student respondents, were:

News | 1 April 2015

The new eligibility criteria were announced during the 2014-15 Budget and bring the eligibility criteria for Family Day Care services in line with those used for Long Day Care CSP applicants.

Family Day Care services can apply for CSP funding for next financial year (2015-16) from 1 April 2015. 

For further information please visit the Department of Education and Training website.

News | 1 April 2015

The Government has released for consultation the Draft National Strategy for International Education.

The release of this draft strategy initiates a consultation process to ensure that the final strategy represents a shared national vision and responsibility.

For more information, please visit the International Education website.

News | 25 March 2015

There are 18 categories presented at the Australian Training Awards. You can enter a majority of the Awards through state and territory training awards programmes and seven of the awards are available by direct entry.  

Applicants may have the opportunity to reach the national stage in November this year and gain Australia-wide recognition for the work they do. Watch this short video explaining the benefits of applying for an Australian Training Award.

Australian Training Award direct entry categories include:


News | 22 March 2015

Making My School better considers the recommendations from the Review of My School website and proposes a strategy to ensure My School provides parents and the community with consistent, comparable and reliable information in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

As the My School website is a joint undertaking of all Australian governments, Making My School better will be presented to state and territory education ministers through the Education Council for consideration. Any changes to the My School website will be agreed to by the Education Council prior to implementation.

News | 20 March 2015

Today, schools across Australia are participating in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). Schools, students, teachers and parents will send a clear and powerful message that bullying and violence are not okay in any situation.

Over 890,000 students from 1950 schools are participating across Australia to collectively support the important message and ‘take a stand’ against bullying and violence in their school community.

Participating schools will run their own activities and proactively strengthen the key message that bullying and violence are not okay at any time or in any situation.