Long Day Care Professional Development Programme

On 10 December 2013, the Australian Government announced that it intended to redirect unallocated funding from the Early Years Quality Fund to a new professional development programme. The Long Day Care Professional Development Programme (LDCPDP) is the single biggest investment ever in professional development for child care and early learning educators in long day care services.

The LDCPDP assists services to meet their specific professional development needs in order to support the National Quality Framework (NQF), adhere to the National Quality Standard and deliver the Early Years Learning Framework or other approved learning framework. Services are able to use the funding to meet their training and skills development needs and have the flexibility to do so in-line with the circumstances of their service.

The sector's response to the Programme has been very strong, with applications from over 5000 eligible services.

More Information

Applications for the Long Day Care Professional Development Programme closed in 2014.

The Funding Guidelines and supporting material have been designed to answer any questions you may have in regard to the LDCPDP, including how the funding can be used.

The Funding Agreement is a formal contract between the successful applicant and the Commonwealth and sets out the terms and conditions of the grant funding and obligations of both parties under the LDCPDP.

More information about the Long Day Care Professional Development Programme is available below:

LDCPDP Progress Report 2

LDCPDP funding recipients are due to submit their second Progress Report by 30 April 2016. The submission and acceptance of this report will result in the final LDCPDP payment being released to eligible operators before 30 June 2016.

The Department will email each eligible LDCPDP service operator a link to the Progress Report (hosted by SurveyMonkey) on 1 March 2016.

Please update your “CCB Approval (CCMS) Organisation” email address via your CCMS software by Thursday 25 February. The Department will use this email address to provide you with the details required to submit the report.

If your service receives LDCPDP funding and you do not receive an email with instructions to submit the second Progress Report on 1 March 2016, please email the LDCPDP team at LDCPDP@education.gov.au,  including your CCB Approval ID and service details, to advise us of the situation.

Preparing for Reporting:

Progress Report 2 will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, if you have your information to hand.

Progress Report 2 requires that you report on funding and expenditure from the start date of your Funding Agreement. This will include expenditure reported in Progress Report 1 if your organisation was in receipt of LDCPDP funding at that time.

Progress Report 2 report asks a series of questions relating to:

  • the amount of funding received;
  • the amount of funding expended on formal training, informal training, travel, back filling and minor capital;
  • the number of staff supported to undertake formal training (leading to a recognised qualification) broken down by qualification type;
  • the number of staff supported to undertake informal training (not leading to a recognised qualification) and which quality area the training related to; and
  • a brief description of your planned expenditure for 2016/17.

All reporting figures are GST inclusive. Please remember to include the GST when reporting the Funding Amounts received by your service and your Expenditure.

When reporting figures for the programme, please enter the GST Inclusive figure only, for example “$34,799.05” - not “$34,799.05 (GST Inclusive)”.

Operators with 20 or more LDCPDP funded services will have the option to submit a multi service report.

LDCPDP Progress Report 1

All providers in receipt of the LDCPDP funding are required to demonstrate how the funds have been spent, through the provision of four reports during the course of the Funding Agreement. Progress Report 1 seeks basic information on expenditure to date (including nil if applicable), numbers of educators assisted, the key NQF Quality Area addressed for each type of professional development activity, and broad plans for the use of the remaining funding.

The first progress report was due to be returned to the Department by 30 April 2015, therefore the online report is now closed.

This report triggered the second payment due in June 2015.

If your service is a recipient of LDCPDP and you have not submitted Progress Report 1 please contact the Department by email at ldcpdp@education.gov.au or by phone on 1800 020 212.

How to use LDCPDP Funding

During the contract period, the Department will use this site to provide a range of resources and useful links to assist services in choosing how to spend their LDCPDP funding. Please see below for more information:

Fact Sheets

Useful links

  • The Professional Support Coordinators Alliance have designed a Tool to assist services to develop a Professional Learning Plan that will meet the needs of their service now and into the future. The Tool builds upon the work and knowledge a service has already undertaken through the Quality Improvement Plan and other key pieces of work a service has achieved such as Service Support Plans and strategic plans - Self-Assessment Tool
  • The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) publishes information about certain regulatory decisions to inform students, industry and government about the vocational education and training (VET) sector. The register publishes information about certain regulatory decisions it makes, in order to:
    • assist students and potential students to make informed decisions about choosing a provider, and
    • provide industry, government and the public with accurate information on ASQA's regulatory activity.
  • Training.gov.au  is the National Register on VET in Australia. Training.gov.au is the authoritative source of:
    1. Nationally Recognised Training which consists of:
      • Training Packages
      • Qualifications
      • Units of competency
      • Accredited courses
      • Skill sets
    2. Registered Training Organisations who have the approved scope to deliver Nationally Recognised Training, as required by national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia.

Further Assistance

The Department is also available to answer any questions in relation to the programme. To access this support, applicants should contact the Department by email at ldcpdp@education.gov.au.

Alternatively, organisations can contact the hotline on 1800 020 212 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.