Child Care Payments Compliance Program

The Child Care Payments Compliance Program is focused on protecting the integrity of payments made by the Australian Government to support families accessing quality care and promote compliant behaviour with Family Assistance Law by approved child care services. This is achieved through three main elements of prevention including education, detection and deterrence.

Changes to Family Assistance Law from 10 October 2016

On 11 September the Minister for Education and Training announced changes to the Compliance Framework through Family Assistance Law.

The Department of Education and Training has a broad ranging Child Care Payments Compliance Program to encourage, enforce and strengthen compliance in the child care sector to ensure public funds are spent properly and accountably.The Child Care Compliance Program seeks to:

  • protect the integrity of child care fee assistance payments made by the Australian Government to support families accessing quality child care in approved child care services
  • promote behaviour by approved child care services which is compliant with Family Assistance Law.

The program aligns with aims and principles of the Child Care and Early Learning Compliance Framework which focuses on establishing and maintaining a consistent approach to compliance activities for approved child care services across the child care and early learning sector, given the substantial amounts of money being paid to approved child care services.

As a condition of ongoing eligibility, all approved child care services must comply with the legislation and legislative instruments that form Family Assistance Law. For more information on Family Assistance Law refer to Family Assistance Law.

While the department recognises that the majority of child care services are complying  with Family Assistance Law, there is a concerning increase in the number of potentially non-compliant practices.  Non-compliant activities can include services reporting care for a child that is not actually being provided and also reporting incorrect child care fees. In some cases, families are unaware that child care fee assistance is being falsely claimed on their behalf through approved child care services. As a result, some families may be receiving Child Care Rebate payments to which they are not entitled, potentially exposing them to repaying debts.

The department takes compliance with Family Assistance Law seriously and encourages anyone who is aware of practices that could be incorrect, illegal or non-compliant to contact the department on 1800 664 231 or

The department also works closely with other agencies including the Australian Federal Police, Australian Tax Office, the Department of Human Services, and state and territory regulatory authorities to ensure services are correctly applying the rules under all relevant laws.

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